About us

A backyard meeting in the summer of 2021 led to the founding of Spectre Financial in November of 2021.

We officially open our doors on March1, 2022, with 4800 square feet of office space and zero employees. It was a leap of faith, and some good old fashioned elbow grease that ultimately brought us to where we are now.

Spectre Financial is a passion project that brought three people together with the dream of providing first class financial services advice to the middle-income market. We take the concepts and strategies normally reserved for the wealthy, and are committed to help anyone, from any financial background, develop, implement, and achieve their financial goals. The last six months have been a whirlwind, the office is no wat capacity, we now employ 17 full time people and 6 part-time people. We have grown from a single advisor to a team of six, with eight more in licensing as we write this today.

We are so blessed to have attracted some of the most wonderfully diverse, hardworking, and kind people we could ask for. Every single member of the organization is committed to helping Windsor families win the money game. We operate as a team, all-hands-on deck – no titles. It doesn’t mean we always agree, or that we always get along, but we respect each member’s individuality and contribution to our mission. We firmly believe that thoughts are things, and that when you’re on the right track life ‘flows’ – it’s still incredibly hard work, but often times when you’re ‘in flow’, life provides opportunities and people that will help you achieve your goals.

As we near the last quarter of 2022, we are heads down and focused on finishing the year strong, there are too many families suffering under the current economic conditions for us to take our foot off the gas. In an effort to help, we’re hosting a number of free financial education events, where for no obligation, we teach some fundamentals, and provide access to our team for a complimentary review. We are here to help.

meet Our Team

Our team here at Spectre Financial is dedicated to helping our clients improve their financial wellbeing.

Sean Penhale | President, Spectre Financial

Sean Penhale


Jason Primeau | CEO

Jason Primeau


Matt Chamberlain | Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor

Robert Lamont | Financial Advisor


Financial Advisor

Cecile Lesperance | Financial Advisor

Cecile Lesperance

Financial Advisor

Vighnesh Thakur | Financial Advisor - trainee

Vighnesh Thakur

Financial Advisor - Trainee

Taylor Habuda | Financial Advisor - Trainee

Taylor Habuda

Financial Advisor - Trainee

Jenn Chamberlain | Executive Assistant & Administration

Jenn Chamberlain

Executive Assistant & Administration

Charlotte Fortin | Director of Marketing

Charlotte Fortin

Director of Marketing & Executive Assistant

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